Robb Runs Strong but Sees Race End Early in Texas

Fort Worth, Texas (Sunday, April 2, 2023) – Dale Coyne Racing with RWR driver Sting Ray Robb was having a great run at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday, but the rookie got caught out in Turn 2, going a little wide into the turn and ended his day by making contact with the inside wall.
Finished 25th
Started: 23rd

  • The rookie lost a few spots at the start of the race but quickly fell into a rhythm and ran competitive lap times as he made his way forward in the field.
  • By the time a full course caution came out on Lap 48, he was back to 23rd.
  • He then took advantage of the caution period to make his first pit stop.
  • Robb gained some more positions in his second stint and led his first lap of the season on Lap 116 during the pit stop cycle.
  • He was running 18th following his second stop on Lap 117 and had made his way to 15th by lap 159.
  • The #51 Biohaven driver was running 16th after his final stop and picked up another couple positions to move into 14th on Lap 198
  • Unfortunately, after running 14th for about a dozen laps, the rookie went too high into Turn 2 and made contact with the wall, ending his day with 40 laps remaining.

Sting Ray Robb #51 Biohaven Honda – Dale Coyne Racing with RWR
“Well, what a day, not the way that we wanted it to end. We were moving forward, and we had such a good car. I feel bad for the 51 Biohaven Honda crew. I was getting to a good spot in the car, and I was comfortable. On that last restart, we made a lot of positions up and a lot of passes and I don’t know if I was just over ambitious or if there was something in front of me that caught us out. But it seemed like the cars ahead checked up way more than they should have, I crept up and there was nowhere to go except where there was no grip. Everywhere else around this track is a blast to drive on, the car was so much fun to drive, but that third lane is not there. I feel bad that I hit the wall and ended our day early.”

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