Short Lived Race for Fittipaldi in Texas Race 2

Fort Worth, Texas (May 2, 2021) – The Dale Coyne Racing with RWR team was looking forward to another strong showing in the Xpel 375, Race 2, of the Texas Motor Speedway doubleheader, but it wasn’t meant to be as Fittipaldi got caught up in a multi-car incident at the start.

With the cars coming to the green flag, the front of the field slowed which created an accordion effect and consequently resulted in Fittipaldi being unable to avoid hitting the car in front of him. The Brazilian was then hit from behind putting an early end to his race.

“I was behind Bourdais at the start, everything was going fine but it looked like someone in the middle backed up, Seb had to back up and I had no room to be able to avoid him and we had the contact,” explained Fittipaldi. “I know the car on the inside of me also saw the cars backing up but he had more room to maneuver and avoid the contact, we were not so lucky. It’s unfortunate. I wanted to run the whole race. We had a good car yesterday. We finished 15th but we could have probably finished in the top 10. The team did a great job so it’s unfortunate, I really wanted to run all the laps again today.”

The Dale Coyne Racing with RWR team will be back in action in two weeks times for the IndyCar Grand Prix at Indianapolis Motor Speedway with rookie Romain Grosjean returning behind the wheel of the #51 Nurtec ODT car.

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